Guide on Shooting Action Photos

To capture moving objects and form ultra-sharp and well-composed images you require special skills and knowledge. For the shots to look cool, professional and spectacular, you need to look into some important factors.

Check the auto focus mode

There are certain vital changes you need to make while taking sports videos. Here are some

  • The autofocus mode needs to be changed to continuous mode. This is also a form of predictive mode where the focus is targeted on the area where the subject will be once the delay, which is just a split second, is over. The delay is usually caused due to the shutter opening and mirror rising time.
  • The manual focus should also be utilized whenever needed, as in some cases like in case of a cricket ball the autofocus will not work well. To correct this, you need to change the focus manually on a preset position and shoot quickly with manual focus.
  • For the autofocus in continuous mode, you should activate multiple AF points. This will help the camera choosing its own proper focusing point. In case of manual focus using a single AF point is better as it gives more precise pictures.

Special features

For specialized image quality, a faster shutter speed is required. The action taking place should be frozen to get a clear and candid image, which is possible only with a fast speed of the shutter. Some sports require a minimum of one in 1000, while some need just above 1/500 only. The depth of field used should be small in action shots as this creates sharper subjects with a blurred background. This results in a better shot of the subject and its speed. The small depth can be achieved by altering the aperture size.

For action photos, the fill in flash gives excellent shots. It illuminates the subject and you can use wider aperture ranges. Increasing ISO can be tried to increase the amount of light that enters the action camera, but this can also create unnecessary noise.

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