Essential Accessories Your Diving Action Camera Should Have

Recording underwater exploration is very common to people who love scuba diving. Today, you will find so many action cameras intended for scuba diving and while majority of them can be used for sports, there are also those multi-purpose cameras that can also be used as underwater camera as long as you use the right accessories.

Drift HD Waterproof Case

This is a very useful and versatile camera with full high definition recording, build in colored LCD screen, and a wide angle lens; making it a perfect gadget for action sports enthusiast such as skiing and cycling. However, if you want to fully enjoy its features below the waves, then you should use the correct accessory; which is of course the Underwater Drift HD case. This casing will keep your camera protected even under water.                

BlurFix Lens for GoPro HD

The GoPro HD is the most famous today. It is very useful in different sports, especially wakeboarding and skydiving. It has 170 degree wide angle lens, full 1080p recording, and with a still image capability of 11 megapixel. There are three sports specific packages to choose from, but for scuba diving; it is best to use GoPro HD Hero2 Surf Edition. If you want to make the most out of GoPro HD, you should use BlurFix Lens, an accessory you can use for underwater shots. It is an accessory that lets serves as high quality underwater lens so you will be able to capture clear footage underwater.

GoPro Dive Housing

This accessory has the ability to fit both GoPro HD Hero 2 camera and GoPro HD Hero camera and so if you are a GoPro HD collector, then this accessory is a perfect addition. This accessory has a huge, glass flat lens that enables you to maximize underwater sharpness. It as well enables you to use your camera down to 60 m and lets you take high resolution shoots without vignetting.

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  • 1. neopine (link) | 22/12/2014
for diving or scuba diving, gopro diving housing is a good choice, it can reach 40m waterproof underwater.

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