Essential Accessories Your Diving Action Camera Should Have

Recording underwater exploration is very common to people who love scuba diving. Today, you will find so many action cameras intended for scuba diving and while majority of them can be used for sports, there are also those multi-purpose cameras that can also be used as underwater camera as long as you use the right accessories.

Drift HD Waterproof Case

This is a very useful and versatile camera with full high definition recording, build in colored LCD screen, and a wide angle lens; making it a perfect gadget for action sports enthusiast such as skiing and cycling. However, if you want to fully enjoy its features below the waves, then you should use the correct accessory; which is of course the Underwater Drift HD case. This casing will keep your camera protected even under water.                

BlurFix Lens for GoPro HD

The GoPro HD is the most famous today. It is very useful in different sports, especially wakeboarding and skydiving. It has 170 degree wide angle lens, full 1080p recording, and with a still image capability of 11 megapixel. There are three sports specific packages to choose from, but for scuba diving; it is best to use GoPro HD Hero2 Surf Edition. If you want to make the most out of GoPro HD, you should use BlurFix Lens, an accessory you can use for underwater shots. It is an accessory that lets serves as high quality underwater lens so you will be able to capture clear footage underwater.

GoPro Dive Housing

This accessory has the ability to fit both GoPro HD Hero 2 camera and GoPro HD Hero camera and so if you are a GoPro HD collector, then this accessory is a perfect addition. This accessory has a huge, glass flat lens that enables you to maximize underwater sharpness. It as well enables you to use your camera down to 60 m and lets you take high resolution shoots without vignetting.

Spend unforgettable moment while climbing the highest mountains

When it comes to climbers, many people imagine a person who tries to get on the top of the mountain. But the trick is that there are many different types of climbing that can help a person have different experiences by using all types of tricks and techniques.

Ice climbing

As the term indicates, ice climbing includes the idea of ascending to the ice formations around. Vertical ice or even frozen waterfalls are some places where a person can get that adrenaline pumping while ice climbing. But this sport also implies a little bit of care from the person who tries it, as it is not that easy to know the conditions of the ice, which can be soft, hard, thought or brittle.


Another type of climbing is the bouldering one, which is based on a very active form of climbing. A person does not have any rope for protection, but he tries to get to the top of the rock or mountain. There are different moves when considering the bouldering type of climbing, and once you know more of them, for sure you will love this sport and never let it go. There are even climbing gyms where a person can go, learn such technique and then apply them to the real natural environment.

Traditional rock climbing

Probably one of the most well-known types of climbing is the traditional one that includes specific equipment such as ropes and shoes and a lot of adrenaline. Many people purchase even sports cameras in order to show to other people the climbing experience and to make them choose this great outdoor sport. The cameras need to be resistant to impact because many hazardous things can happen in the mountains

So, you can think at climbing as a very nice sport too. With the different types of climbing, any person can choose a favorite on or alternate between them in order to never get bored but, always feel the same adrenaline and good mood. 

Video Camera Intended For Various Sporting Events And Needs

There are different ways to record your sports performance from different angles. One of the gadgets used to record sporting events is sports camera. This helmet can be used in various sports like cycling, skateboarding, free boarding, paintball, airsoft, and so on. It is a tiny camera that enables you to have an action packed replay of the game.

Durability and dependability

Video sports cameras are tougher and very much dependable. The exterior casing of the camera is made from rubber armor and with waterproofed electronics. It also has anti shock and vibration dampening technology. If you are going to search online, you will find out that there are so any video sports camera brands to choose from, which also varies in designs and price. Cameras with jam packed features are expensive than those simple ones.

Video sports camera for motorists

Motorists can now enjoy varieties of rear view cameras. The camera enables motorists to make parallel parking as well as backing relatively easier. The camera before was sold with included monitor, but today they can be purchased as a standalone camera.

As mentioned above, there are so many video sports camera models to choose from depending on the placement. Some cameras are designed to be mounted with the license screws while others can be embedded in the license plate frames. There are also cameras that can be hidden in the bumper, which prevents theft. The latest model has wireless technology and they should only be attached to the revere light, which serves as power source and sensor. If you hate handling messy wires, then the wireless video sports camera is the best choice. Whatever your choice may be, the best thing to do is to conduct a thorough research. That way, you will be able to find a camera that perfectly fits your sporting styles and needs. 

Guide on Shooting Action Photos

To capture moving objects and form ultra-sharp and well-composed images you require special skills and knowledge. For the shots to look cool, professional and spectacular, you need to look into some important factors.

Check the auto focus mode

There are certain vital changes you need to make while taking sports videos. Here are some

  • The autofocus mode needs to be changed to continuous mode. This is also a form of predictive mode where the focus is targeted on the area where the subject will be once the delay, which is just a split second, is over. The delay is usually caused due to the shutter opening and mirror rising time.
  • The manual focus should also be utilized whenever needed, as in some cases like in case of a cricket ball the autofocus will not work well. To correct this, you need to change the focus manually on a preset position and shoot quickly with manual focus.
  • For the autofocus in continuous mode, you should activate multiple AF points. This will help the camera choosing its own proper focusing point. In case of manual focus using a single AF point is better as it gives more precise pictures.

Special features

For specialized image quality, a faster shutter speed is required. The action taking place should be frozen to get a clear and candid image, which is possible only with a fast speed of the shutter. Some sports require a minimum of one in 1000, while some need just above 1/500 only. The depth of field used should be small in action shots as this creates sharper subjects with a blurred background. This results in a better shot of the subject and its speed. The small depth can be achieved by altering the aperture size.

For action photos, the fill in flash gives excellent shots. It illuminates the subject and you can use wider aperture ranges. Increasing ISO can be tried to increase the amount of light that enters the action camera, but this can also create unnecessary noise.

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